Objective it's about...

It’s about being able to describe the landscapes, wines, and wineries in a never seen before format starting from the wine industry but that goes above and beyond its sector by not being solely aimed at the wine community.

Creating a place, a moment, that bring the international consumer and the consumption closer to the new broader perception of contemporary culture that integrates products, territories and sociability.

An event which is closer to a fashion show that wishes to give a sense of belonging to an international community.

BE.COME is intended to encourage relationships, as well as a dialogue, between the great creative minds linked to contemporary business in all its forms: trendsetters, opinion leaders, journalists and producers.

Starting from 2022, particular attention will be dedicated to responsible projects, ethical as well as eco-sustainable, aimed at promoting a new generation of social conscious and green oriented creatives, through contents in support of the national ecological transition.