From the avant-garde of the Supertuscans to the great tuscan Denominations selections. A quality Journey made up of people, experiences And wines with an international Flavour.

Reimagining a wine event

BE.COME was designed to create a new platform, taking the shape of a club style event, where Tuscan excellences from the wine industry could meet and let their products, whether it’s a Supertuscan, IGT, single vineyard or cru express
themselves whilst including a new, current lifestyle angle.
The BE.COME event will feature Tuscany as the strong brand that it is however it will showcase it through a more eclectic and transversal interpretation of the traditional wine sector and its great denominations.
The charm expressed by these wines is given by the high quality of the different blends, which were recognised for their excellence by the international wine community in the past, which awarded them the term of Supertuscan wines
and still today keep improving and being recognised for their value which increases as do the other denominations of this great region.
The production history of the Tuscan labels ranging from Supertuscans up to the Selections of the current denominations represents a virtuous and winning network in the world of wine, testifying to a creative Tuscan nature, with
a cosmopolitan character.
Tradition and innovation, territory and experiences are common elements, albeit well differentiated, in the production of the great Tuscan wines, which must be enhanced and strengthened through the emotional experience of an exclusive event that contemplates in addition to wine also the cultural and social contents from which these wines were born and continue to be produced.

Siena 2021

The BE.COME club formula of the 2021 edition will be the showcase of an event that will see the first edition in its complete formula in 2022 and will evolve in the following years. An event outside the box compared to the already well-known previews of Tuscan wines, in order to remain consistent with the choice of the positioning of a high-profile format which is exclusive, targeted both to the wine community and to a potential range of new national and international loyalties attracted by increasingly dynamic realities halfway between wine and lifestyle.